Global Trade Management Solutions


Once you have done your research about what product you wish to import/export in any given geography, and you have made the connection to a local buyer/seller/broker. You are now unable to follow through due to lack of resources, staffing, or time. The P-IMEX global trade management solutions consultants can be hired to act as your representation to ensure effective deal closing and proper management of the entire sales process.


We also help connect you with the right financial institutions for any customized international finance solutions needed to assist you in bringing your deal to full fruition. Our network of FI’s worldwide stands ready regardless of geography or complexity.


How to become of the P-IMEX exclusive network:


P-IMEX is an online platform offering a membership to businesses aspiring to expand into markets beyond their traditional boundaries. The platform charges a monthly fee to connect your organization to a worldwide potential of buyers, sellers, brokers, and suppliers. Registration is free during the trial period. Join the largest trading community on the planet to benefit from a global marketplace that is increasingly integrating as one.

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