About Us

Who We Are


The founders of P-IMEX are international sales and trade finance professionals who identified the many challenges existing in global trade. Their main goal is to build trust in global trade, which is primarily caused by miscommunication.


Miscommunication was due to lack of understanding of the different ways in conducting business embedded in the cultural mores or misconceptions created by the fear of the unknown.


They created the P-IMEX platform to bridge any gaps resulting from such misunderstandings. Therefore, the key to utilizing the platform successfully lies in the pure connection between the trading parties intent on serious deal-making.


P-IMEX is a paid service provided to our membership base. This is an exclusive community of serious-minded trading parties ONLY. You can sign up to view the countries and industries represented, however connecting with members requires paid membership.

Join our platform to connect with a global market place of potential and opportunity

How it works


Conduct your research first to determine the geography/industry best suited for your product and service.  You can then utilize the platform to locate your buyers, sellers or brokers and initiate contact with them though our messenger or their privately shared contact info.


P-IMEX charges ONLY a membership fee and does not get involved in the transactional exchange and cannot be held liable for any mishaps, misunderstandings, profits or losses resulting from these transactions. Any commissions or pricing resulting from the transaction is negotiated directly between and paid to the trading parties. Furthermore, NO commissions or upfront fees should be charged until deals are concluded or closed. P-IMEX bears no responsibility should other private agreements between the trading parties be struck.