Material Handling Equipment

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Types of Material Handling Equipment you can rapidly procure for the Development of Projects


When it comes to searching for all needs pertaining to setting up a new plant or relocating existing machinery, P-IMEX is your ideal platform for all sourcing, transporting, and material handling. As a member, your access to a worldwide network of suppliers and manufacturers is beyond anything in existence out there. In fact, the P-IMEX system is unparalleled in comparison with other agencies, be they governmental or private, in availing the necessary contacts and /or the knowledge base in assisting you in completing your task.


The P-IMEX network renders your plan feasible as it is specifically designed to alleviate many of the challenges associated with opening up new markets. For a fraction of the cost typically incurred with travel and establishing a presence in other markets, you can connect faster and better.


How can P-IMEX help you procure quality material handling equipment?


P-IMEX standardizes the entire process of finding your material handling equipment by connecting you with other members within the network, from buyers, sellers, or brokers. You can choose any sector and sub-sector by searching our membership directory, and attempt the connection to find your deal.


Since trust is of the essence in global trade, being part of a trading community has many merits. P-IMEX is an exclusive network and membership grants you access to one of the world’s largest business communities. It is home to material handling equipment providers available within the network dealing in Conveyors, Cranes, Industrial Trucks and other handling types spread throughout any geography you have chosen.