Choose Your Plan

1-Can I register for free?

Yes.You can although you will not be able to connect with or contact other paying members to exchange leads. Only paying members can.

2-Do I have to fill out all the required information to get registered?

All required fields must be filled out to undergo our rigorous process of creating an exclusive community of serious traders only

3-Can I cancel my membership if I am dissatisfied with the service?

Youcan cancel out your membership any time you choose. Refunds are not provided.This platform however requires longevity and exposure in order to fully benefit from what it can offer your business. Consistent membership is your best avenue to making successful connections with other members.

4-Can P-IMEX guarantee that my transactions or dealings with other members are successful?

No. P-IMEX is not responsible for inability to successfully connect with other members. Furthermore P-IMEX does not guarantee any results or losses/profits resulting from activities between its members.

5-How can I effectively utilize the P-IMEX system?

Do your market research first about where you believe your product is in demand (in case you’re a seller) or where you have a need to buy product (in case you’re a buyer). You can then use the P-IMEX platform to help you locate companies or brokers who can help fill that need.
There are other services outside the scope of the platform that the P-IMEX staff can offer you for consulting fees listed under the services tab.

6-Does P-IMEX focus on any specific geographic area or industry?

No. There’s a list of industries covered in our membership directory and they are located in different countries. P-IMEX is a platform to connect the entire globe with trade solutions.